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Enneagram 7w8: The Best Guide for the Strong Enthusiast

Adventurous and happy Enneagram 7w8 woman

The Enneagram 7w8, also called "The Opportunist," is a fascinating personality type with great personality traits.

This type blends the excitement and curiosity of type 7 with the determination and assertiveness of type 8.

This mix of qualities creates an adventurous, driven person who is always looking to get the most out of life.

My younger brother is a 7w8, and I have always been fascinated by his care-free approach to life.

A 7w8's basic desire is the pursuit of happiness and freedom, as well as the need to protect themselves and maintain their personal power in various situations.

Key Takeaways

  • Enneagram 7w8 is a type that blends enthusiasm, curiosity, determination, and assertiveness together.

  • To understand this type, we need to look at its traits, relationships, careers, and wings.

  • By seeking out new experiences, developing determination, and focusing on being more productive, the type 7w8 can grow.

Table of Contents

Understanding Enneagram 7w8

a happy fun woman laughing

These individuals are adventurous, work-oriented, and determined.

They prefer living life on their own terms and are quick to assess situations and make decisions.

Enneagram 7w8 personalities have a natural charisma and optimism, which makes them inspirational and motivates those around them.

They are generally in good spirits and love sharing their positive energy.

Despite their fun-loving and carefree nature, 7w8s also exhibit the determination and competitive spirit of Type 8s.

They are known as assertive people, proactive, and highly intuitive, which makes them more likely to succeed in various endeavors.

Key Characteristics of 7w8

happy and laughing woman

Enneagram 7w8s are a unique bunch who get the attention of people wherever they go.

Their core strengths are being bold, confident, and love taking risks others might shy away from.

They are fiercely independent, dislike rules, and enjoy living an excessive life.

They are competitive, determined, and always striving to achieve more.

At the same time, they are loyal to their loved ones and protective when necessary.

All in all, 7w8s are go-getters who love living life to the fullest and maintaining a sense of freedom and happiness throughout their adventures.

Fear and Desires

anxious woman looking sad

Enneagram 7w8s are outgoing, adventurous, and assertive due to their personality blend.

Their basic fear is missing out on opportunities in life, which can make them feel anxious about being controlled by schedules or limited by circumstances.

They're afraid of not being able to do what they want, coming up with new ideas, and trying new things out.

Therefore, they're always on the lookout for new experiences and opportunities to avoid feeling stuck or bored.

At the same time, their ultimate goal is to feel content and satisfied with their life.

They seek freedom, excitement, and pleasure, hoping to satisfy their innate wanderlust and curiosity.

However, this never-ending pursuit of satisfaction given time can sometimes lead to being overwhelmed or anxious as they try to balance multiple responsibilities and interests.

They're driven by both their desires and fears, which can create inner conflict.

They crave an adventurous life but are also scared of not achieving it.

As a result, they tend to seek situations that promise novelty and excitement but also potentially bring them face-to-face with their deeper anxieties.

7w8 in Relationships

happy couple on a hike

When it comes to relationships, Enneagram 7w8 individuals are often known for their loyalty and dedication to their significant others.

They enjoy spending time with their partners and often plan exciting trips or outings together, creating memorable experiences for both.

One of the key aspects of a 7w8's approach to relationships is their independent nature.

They are self-assertive and strong-willed, which can be both a strength and a challenge in romantic partnerships.

On the one hand, their independence can be refreshing, as they are unlikely to be overly clingy or dependent.

On the other hand, their desire for freedom may sometimes clash with their partner's needs or expectations.

However, they are generally quite clear about their own needs and expectations, making communication a key part of their relationships.

7w8 individuals are also often casual and adventurous in their relationships, valuing new experiences and connections.

As such, they may be drawn to partners who share a similar love for exploration and excitement, whether that's in the form of physical activities or intellectual pursuits.

In terms of conflict management, 7w8s are not ones to shy away from it.

They can be quite assertive and confrontational when they feel it's necessary, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or arguments.

However, when in a healthy state, 7w8s can also demonstrate a good level of self-awareness and the ability to navigate conflicts in a productive and empathetic manner.

They work towards finding a resolution that satisfies both parties involved, valuing harmony and good vibes in their relationships.

Enneagram 7w8 in Motherhood

fun and silly mom with son

These moms are known for their energetic and enthusiastic approach to motherhood.

They have a natural desire for adventure, excitement, and variety, and they bring this energy into their parenting.

They are fun-loving, spontaneous, and always looking for ways to make their children's lives more exciting.

However, at times, their desire for freedom and excitement can make them struggle with the more mundane aspects of motherhood, such as routine, discipline, and structure. To help them in their parenting journey, it's important for them to balance their desire for adventure with the need for stability and consistency.

Here are some tips for Enneagram 7w8 moms to help them thrive in motherhood:

1. Embrace structure and routine. While it may seem boring, having a predictable routine can help both you and your children feel more secure and grounded.

2. Set boundaries and stick to them. It's important to have clear rules and consequences for your children's behavior and to consistently enforce them.

3. Practice mindfulness. Take time each day to be present and focused on the moment. This can help you connect with your children and enjoy the simple pleasures of motherhood.

4. Embrace your sense of adventure. Use your enthusiasm and creativity to plan fun activities for your children, such as nature walks, art projects, or creating fictional characters.

Remember, being an Enneagram 7w8 mom can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. By finding a balance between adventure and structure, you can create a happy and fulfilling home life for both you and your children.

Best Careers for 7w8

motivational speaker smiling woman talking into the mic

Do you know what Enneagram 7w8 individuals are known for?

They are energetic, ambitious, and love to explore new things!

So, what are some great careers for these high-energy people?

First up, motivational speaker!

Enneagram 7w8s have the incredible ability to inspire and connect with new people.

With their charisma and excellent communication skills, they can become captivating speakers and help others reach their goals and overcome challenges.

Another excellent career choice for these adventurous souls is a travel writer.

With their love for exploration and creativity, they can document and share their travel experiences with the world.

Imagine the incredible stories and tips they can provide for fellow travelers!

A sales manager is another great choice for 7w8s.

Being assertive and persuasive, they have a natural talent for negotiation and hitting targets.

They're also great at motivating their team, which is essential for achieving success in sales.

Lastly, becoming a travel agent is also a career option for 7w8 enneagram types.

With their love for adventure and vast knowledge of different destinations, they can use these powerful tools to plan and organize incredible trips for their clients.

Plus, their strong communication skills and practical approach make the entire travel planning process seamless for their clients.

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the many career paths that would be perfect for Enneagram 7w8 individuals.

How Enneagram 7w8 Functions in Stress and Health

stressed woman Enneagram 7w8

Even the Enthusiastic, fun-loving Enneagram 7w8 have blind spots they don't know about.

Enneagram-type 7w8 individuals handle stress and personal growth in unique ways.

When they are stressed, they usually experience an increase in energy levels.

Did you say they get a lot of energy when they are stressed? That's interesting!

In times of stress, they often become indulgent and try to escape their negative emotions by engaging in excessive activities.

This makes it difficult for them to focus on the issue at hand, and they may even procrastinate, which can escalate their stress levels.

When they are in a healthy and balanced state, 7w8s show remarkable self-improvement.

They become more intuitive, ambitious, and able to moderate their behaviors and choices in times of growth.

A healthy 7w8 is focused, quick-minded, and strategic, learning to embrace silence and rationality.

They find ways to adapt and overcome life's challenges with their innate skills and talents.

Enneagram 7w8s develop a heightened sense of clarity and assertiveness when functioning healthily and confidently.

They express their expectations, set high standards, and become productive.

Their thicker skin helps them to stop worrying about other people's opinions.

Differences and Similarities with Other Enneagram Types

friendly woman talking with friends

When comparing the 7w8 personality with other enneagram types, it is essential to consider their key differences and similarities.

However, the presence of the 8 wing brings additional qualities like assertiveness, directness, and a strong desire for control in their lives.

In contrast, the 7w6 personality type, which combines Type 7 with Type 6, the Loyalist, has a different focus.

They share the same zest for life and enjoyment of new experiences as 7w8, but their loyalty and close relationships with people and groups set them apart.

7w6 individuals tend to be more empathetic, supportive, and detail-oriented.

Comparing the 7w8 with other types in the enneagram, such as Type 6 (the Loyalist) or Type 8 (the Challenger), reveals other similarities and differences.

For example, the 7w8 shares the assertiveness and drive of Type 8, but their approaches can differ.

While Type 8 personalities are more confrontational, seeking to control their environment, the 7w8 is more focused on pursuing personal freedom and having a good time.

Likewise, the 7w8 and 9w8 (Type 9, the Peacemaker, with an 8 wing) share similarities in their direct, assertive nature.

However, while the 7w8 pursues their desires and enthusiastically explores new experiences, the 9w8 is more focused on maintaining harmony and soothing conflicts.

Understanding 7w8 Wings

An assertive Enneagram 7w8 woman

The wing 8 influences the core Type 7 personality by offering more intuition and a bolder demeanor.

As The Opportunist, a 7w8 exhibits high energy, determination, and protectiveness in their behavior.

They are quick to assess situations and make difficult decisions, often leaning towards living excessive lives with tough resilience.

Disliking conventional expectations and rules, 7w8s are driven by a desire for new challenges and excitement in their pursuits.

In comparison to other Type 7 Enneagram personalities, the main difference is that 7w8 is more competitive, proactive, and assertive.

One of the most notable attributes of a 7w8 is their passion for achieving goals and seeking out new opportunities.

They thrive in competitive environments and are often highly work-oriented, which is why some sources refer to them as Careerist.

Their determination and adaptability allow them to navigate challenges and setbacks, continually driving them toward success.

It is essential to remember that understanding an individual's personality through their Enneagram type can be beneficial in insights and personal growth.

Recognizing the influence of the dominant wing and how it shapes a person's core personality type can lead to improved relationships, personal understanding, and self-awareness.

How to Determine Your Enneagram Type

A confused woman trying to find her Enneagram type

Determining your Enneagram type is a journey of self-discovery that's not always easy.

One way to figure it out is by taking an Enneagram test. Check out the 5 Best Enneagram Tests here!

These tests consist of a series of statements that you'll rate based on how well they apply to you.

As you answer, be honest with yourself to get the best results.

Another important aspect is understanding the different Enneagram types.

For example, type sevens are known for their enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Reading about each type and reflecting on which one resonates with your personality and behavior can be helpful.

Sometimes, discussing this with close friends or family members who know you well can provide valuable insights.

Additionally, explore the concept of your Enneagram wing.

A person with a 7w8 Enneagram type, for instance, would be a type seven with noticeable traits of type eight.

Finally, remember that determining your Enneagram type is a process of uncovering layers of your personality, and it might take some time.

Keep studying different types and reflecting on the findings to get a better understanding of yourself.

This self-awareness journey is ultimately about personal growth and developing a deeper connection with oneself.

Strategies for Personal Growth

A woman looking at the city taking time for mindfulness

Enneagram 7w8 individuals can benefit from developing a variety of strategies for personal growth.

These individuals are known for their fun-loving nature and upbeat energy, making it essential to focus on staying optimistic and exploring new experiences.

One approach to personal growth is seeking out enriching experiences that foster positive change and self-awareness.

It's important for 7w8s to stay open-minded and incorporate fun, adventurous activities into their lives.

By engaging in new experiences, they can gain a broader perspective and further appreciate the world around them.

Another important element for 7w8s to develop is determination.

This personality type typically possesses a strong sense of purpose and an unyielding work ethic.

Cultivating determination can help them effectively address challenges and overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives.

It's crucial for Enneagram 7w8 individuals to maintain an optimistic mindset in all aspects of their lives. A positive outlook can significantly impact their overall well-being and contribute to a more fulfilling life.

By focusing on the bright side of things and finding the silver lining in tough situations, these individuals can reinforce their natural resilience.

Lastly, being productive and goal-oriented is essential for 7w8s. Developing a clear vision of what they want to achieve and setting realistic goals can help these individuals feel more grounded and focused.

Breaking their goals into smaller tasks and prioritizing self-care can ensure a balanced and successful personal growth journey.

Famous People Who Are 7w8

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main traits of 7w8 personalities?

7w8 personalities, often known as the Opportunists, are characterized by their enthusiasm, determination, and protectiveness.

They tend to be more intuitive, competitive, and proactive in their thoughts and behaviors.

These individuals are generally optimistic and charismatic, which allows them to inspire others and create a positive atmosphere around them.

How does 7w8 differ from 7w6?

While both 7w8 and 7w6 are variations of the Enneagram Type 7, they possess different characteristics due to their respective wing types.

The 7w8, as mentioned earlier, inherits traits from Type 8, making them bolder and more assertive.

On the other hand, 7w6 personalities, also known as the Entertainers, have traits from Type 6, which makes them more focused on security, loyalty, and being team players.

Hence, the key difference lies in 7w8's assertiveness and 7w6's emphasis on security and camaraderie.

Can you explain 7w8's relationship with anger?

7w8 personalities have a relatively complex relationship with anger due to the influence of Type 8 traits.

While they primarily seek excitement and new experiences, their Type 8 wing also drives them to assert themselves and protect their interests when necessary.

This combination can lead to a heightened sensitivity to perceived threats or challenges, resulting in expressions of anger or assertiveness.

However, as they grow and develop, healthy 7w8 individuals can learn to channel their anger into constructive pursuits and better understand their emotional triggers.

What's the difference between 7w8 and 8w7?

7w8 and 8w7 share similarities due to the mutual influence of Types 7 and 8 in their respective personalities.

However, the primary difference lies in their dominant type and focus.

For 7w8 personalities, Type 7 traits dominate, leading their focus on chasing novelty, staying optimistic, and maintaining a high-energy approach to life.

In contrast, 8w7 personalities have a stronger inclination towards Type 8 characteristics, which means they prioritize asserting themselves, seeking control, and protecting their personal domain, with Type 7 traits such as enthusiasm and energy being secondary.

How does an unhealthy 7w8 behave?

An unhealthy 7w8 can exhibit behaviors such as impulsivity, recklessness, and a lack of concern for others.

Due to their desire for new experiences and a strong sense of self-preservation, they might engage in harmful activities or use manipulation to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, unhealthy 7w8 individuals may have difficulty forming deep relationships and expressing vulnerability, leading to a sense of loneliness and disconnection from others.

Are there specific 7w8 enneagram types in MBTI?

While the Enneagram and MBTI are separate systems of understanding personality, there can be some correlations between the two.

However, no specific MBTI types are exclusively associated with the 7w8 enneagram.

That being said, some MBTI types may share traits that align more closely with the 7w8 personality, such as ENFP, ESTP, or ESFP.

It's essential to remember that each system offers a different aspect of understanding an individual's personality and should be viewed accordingly.

I hope you found this blog post valuable, friend. If you want to find your type without taking a test check out my free guide for finding your enneagram number without a test.

If you want to learn more about yourself and the Enneagram with a certified Enneagram Coach (Hello, that's me) click on "book now" button below to schedule an appointment.

I can't wait to hear from you!


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