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Enneagram 9w8 Type: Complete Guide for the Advisor

an enneagram 9w8 leader in a business meeting

In this blog post, we're covering The Enneagram 9w8 personality type, AKA The Advisor or The Referee.

This type combines the calm and peaceful tendencies of Type 9 (The Peacemaker) with the assertive, more striking traits of Type 8 (The Challenger).

These types combined create a unique personality that is empathic and independent.

Individuals with this Enneagram type are often social and adventurous and value harmony in their environment.

They are natural leaders who can empathize with others and maintain a calm demeanor under pressure.

Key Takeaways

  • Enneagram 9w8s are a unique blend of Type 9's peaceful nature and Type 8's assertiveness

  • Their core motivation is peace and harmony, but they can be decisive and assertive when needed

  • Their combination of empathy and confidence makes them good leaders

Table of Contents

Understanding Enneagram 9w8

A person relaxing on the bed while reading a book

People with the 9w8 personality have an outgoing quality about them. They are independent and enjoy having a routine in their lives.

They identify primarily with the dominant type nine but also have traits of type eight, making them adventurous and assertive.

These individuals are reliable, loyal to their loved ones, and value peace of mind and harmony.

Their key motivations are to maintain inner peace and stability and avoid conflicts.

Their basic fear is to disrupt that peace and get dragged into conflicts.

Key 9w8 Traits:

  • Social and engaging

  • Independent and adventurous

  • Routine-oriented

  • Comfort seeker

  • Assertive in the face of conflict

  • Harmony-seeking

They're not just a passive peacemaker but also stubborn in thought and action.

This combination of traits makes them assertive yet approachable in social settings and difficult situations.

They enjoy sharing their opinions while listening to others, fostering harmony and understanding in the group.

Their natural ability to connect with people and provide support often earns them the nickname "Advisor."

This personality type is outgoing and open, making them versatile and valuable members of any social circle.

Characteristics of Enneagram 9w8

a person reading a book while petting her cat

Individuals with this personality type possess a variety of amazing traits, merging the need for peace and comfort with an element of inner strength.

One of the most prominent traits of the 9w8 is their basic desire for internal balance and peace within themselves and others.

They are generally calm, steady, and consistent, which allows them to create comfort and maintain harmony in their surroundings.

In addition to their peace-seeking nature, 9w8s are also more assertive compared to typical core type 9s, thanks to the influence of the wing type 8.

This assertiveness is manifested in their ability to be more stubborn and forward with their beliefs when facing opposing ideas while still striving to prevent conflict.

Empathy is another significant characteristic of the Enneagram 9w8.

Their empathetic nature helps them understand others' needs and desires, leading them to spread positivity and kindness everywhere they go.

In social situations, they tend to be adventurous and enjoy interacting with people, which further highlights their ability to balance both type 9 and type 8 traits.

Despite their harmonious nature, 9w8s can experience internal tension between their desire to avoid conflict and their innate assertiveness.

This contrast can make them seem paradoxical at times, but it also provides them with a unique set of strengths and challenges in their journey toward personal growth and self-awareness.

In essence, Enneagram 9w8 individuals blend the comfort-seeking traits of type 9 with the assertiveness of type 8, showcasing a fascinating mixture of characteristics.

Their strong empathy, assertiveness, and pursuit of balance result in a versatile and adaptable personality, making them valuable advisors and friends in various environments.

Enneagram 9w8 in Motherhood

a kind and gentle mom

Characteristics of Enneagram 9w8 Moms:

- Peacemakers: They naturally create a harmonious and serene environment at home.

- Empathetic Listeners: They're great at understanding and empathizing with their children's feelings.

- Flexible: They adapt easily to changing family dynamics.

- Assertive when Needed: The '8' wing adds a layer of assertiveness, allowing them to stand firm when necessary.

- Avoids Conflict: They tend to steer clear of disputes to maintain peace.

Tips for Enneagram 9w8 Moms:

1. Set Boundaries: While keeping the peace is great, don't shy away from setting clear boundaries for your children. It teaches them respect and discipline.

2. Embrace Your Assertive Side: Your '8' wing is a strength. Use it to advocate for your children and yourself when needed.

3. Schedule Me-Time: It's easy to get lost in motherhood. Set aside time for self-care to recharge and maintain your well-being.

4. Communicate Openly: Encourage open communication in your family. It helps in building trust and understanding among family members.

5. Embrace Change: While stability is comforting, be open to new experiences and changes. It adds excitement and learning opportunities for you and your children.

Remember, your calm and steady presence is a gift to your family. Balancing it with assertiveness and open communication can make your journey in motherhood even more fulfilling.

The Wing Influence

assertive and strong woman

The influence of the dominant wing 8 type adds an outgoing quality to the typically laid-back type 9 individuals.

When faced with opposing ideas, a 9w8 person can be more stubborn and forward with their points of view rather than staying silent to avoid conflict.

This wing also helps the type 9 individual to be more determined and driven when it comes to advocating for their needs and interests.

However, the eight wing's assertiveness can sometimes clash with the type 9's innate desire for harmony and balance, leading to struggles with indecisiveness.

Despite these challenges, 9w8 individuals are adaptable and capable of understanding different perspectives.

They can effectively mediate conflicts with compassion and understanding.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy States

stressed and overwhelmed woman

If you are a 9w8, your personality traits can vary depending on your level of mental health.

When you are healthy and thriving, you are a diplomatic and courageous person who can maintain peace while standing up for yourself.

You tend to be loyal, adaptable, and social. However, when you're stressed or overwhelmed, you may become self-destructive and aggressive.

You will push others to do what you want because you are trying to control the situation.

To have less anxiety and be your best self, you need to recognize your unhealthy tendencies and work on developing self-awareness.

If you are really struggling, some excellent options would be to find someone you trust or a therapist who can help you.

By balancing your assertiveness and peaceful nature, you can deal with life's challenges and build self-confidence.

Personal Growth Tips

woman working out

If you're a 9w8, here are some friendly tips to help you grow.

1. It's important to recognize that conflict is a necessary part of life. 9w8 individuals tend to avoid confrontation to maintain harmony, but standing your ground and addressing issues directly, even if it's uncomfortable at first, can help you grow out of your comfort zone.

2. Physical activity can promote overall well-being and balance and help reduce negative emotions.

Regular exercise, be it yoga, nature walks, or competitive sports, can help you connect with your body.

3. Maintaining healthy relationships is fundamental. Learn to say "no" when necessary and develop stronger boundaries to ensure you're not constantly suppressing your own needs.

4. Focus on self-reflection and awareness. Journaling, meditation, and therapy can be valuable tools in this process. Also, tapping into your spiritual world can help ground you.

By cultivating a deeper understanding of your emotions, motives, and desires, you can make more conscious decisions and develop better strategies for personal growth.

By following these simple tips, you can find enhanced inner balance, healthier relationships, and a more fulfilling life.

Great Jobs for Enneagram 9w8 Types

a woman working as a mediator

They excel in roles that require diplomacy, a calming presence, and the ability to mediate, yet also benefit from opportunities to assert themselves and take charge.

Here's a list of jobs that align well with their traits:

1. Human Resources Manager: Balancing the need to support employees while also implementing structure and policies.

2. Public Relations Specialist: Diplomatically managing a company's image and handling communications in a way that maintains harmony.

3. Mediator or Conflict Resolver: Utilizing their natural ability to understand different perspectives and bring about peaceful resolutions.

4. Event Coordinator: Merging their organizational skills with their ability to stay calm under pressure.

5. Social Worker: Providing support and advocacy for clients, often in challenging situations, while maintaining a calm, reassuring presence.

6. Counselor or Therapist: Helping others explore and understand their emotions in a safe, non-judgmental space.

7. Teacher or Educator: Creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment capable of handling diverse needs with patience.

8. Environmental Scientist/Advocate: Combining their passion for harmony with a role that seeks to create balance in the natural world.

9. Non-Profit Organization Leader: Utilizing their drive to make a positive impact and their ability to bring people together for a cause.

10. Interior Designer: Crafting peaceful and harmonious living or workspaces, reflecting their understanding of balance and aesthetics.

These roles allow 9w8s to leverage their unique blend of empathy, harmony-seeking, and occasional assertiveness, making them effective and happy in their professional lives.

Famous People

This type is known for balancing inner strength and endurance with a caring, personable nature.

A few examples include former US Presidents Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and Abraham Lincoln.

Actors Kevin Costner, Sophia Loren, and Whoopi Goldberg also have this personality type, as do singers Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Shakira.

These famous people showcase a unique blend of traits that make them memorable and successful in their fields.

Misconceptions and Myths

You may have heard that Enneagram 9w8s are always passive and never assertive, but that's not entirely true.

While they do like to avoid conflict and have an easygoing demeanor, their 8 wing adds a layer of confidence to their personality, making them determined and willing to stand up for their beliefs and own feelings in all areas of their lives.

Another myth is that they can't make decisions or take action. However, 9w8s are decisive and straightforward when it comes to their beliefs, thanks to their 8 wing's influence.

Some people think 9w8s never get angry or try to suppress their anger, but that's not true either.

They do experience anger (bad tempers at times), but it's usually hidden deep inside and only surfaces occasionally.

It's like an anger-building tower they keep stacking on until it all crumbles down.

Lastly, the idea that 9w8s are lazy or selfish because they focus on their own comfort and pleasure is also a myth.

They work diligently to ensure a harmonious environment for everyone, driven by their desire for peace with themselves and others during good times and bad times.

By understanding these misconceptions about Enneagram 9w8s, we can appreciate their core values and unique qualities and characteristics even more.

Relationship Compatibility

caring and loving relationship

Enneagram type 9w8, or "The Peacemaker," is a patient and understanding partner who values harmony and stability in relationships.

They're assertive and can maintain a calm and collected demeanor, which makes them a great match for Type Sixes, who can sometimes be anxious and have negative feelings.

Compared to their 9w1 counterparts, 9w8s are more relaxed and open to taking charge when necessary.

However, they may struggle with conflicts and prioritize peace over resolving issues.

It's important for both partners to communicate effectively and understand each other's needs in order to maintain a successful and long-lasting relationship in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common 9w8 relationship traits?

People with a 9w8 personality type are friendly, adaptable, and love to socialize. They value peace and harmony in their personal relationships and are committed to maintaining stability, even in times of conflict. They are supportive and empathetic and always try to understand their partner's needs, making them great companions in both romantic and friendship contexts.

How does 9w8 differ from 9w1?

Both 9w8 and 9w1 types share the desire for peace and harmony, which are core traits of Enneagram 9. However, their wing influences differ. 9w8s tend to be more assertive, strong-willed, and sociable, while 9w1s are more idealistic, organized, and principled. These differences are reflected in how they approach relationships, work, and life.

How does 9w8 manifest in INFJs?

If an INFJ has a strong Enneagram 9w8 influence, it may make them more outgoing and confident than the typical INFJ. The 9w8 aspect adds an assertive and sociable edge to their inherent empathy and intuition. They may have a strong desire for peace and harmony, and strive to balance their internal and external world, navigating conflicts to ensure a harmonious climate for growth and understanding.

What are the subtypes of 9w8?

Enneagram 9w8 is a subtype that can be further classified into three Instinctual variants: Self-Preservation, Sexual (One-to-One), and Social. These variants can give the 9w8 unique qualities and tendencies that shape their approach to relationships, work, and personal growth. It's important for the 9w8 to address and integrate the different qualities and challenges of each Instinctual variant.

What do unhealthy 9w8 behaviors look like?

Unhealthy behaviors associated with the 9w8 personality type may include being too passive or disengaged, which can lead to a lack of self-awareness and difficulty expressing one's needs and desires. Individuals with this dominant enneagram type may avoid conflicts at all costs, leading to an inability to address problems or engage in open and honest communication. They may also rely too heavily on external comforts, which may lead to a stubborn refusal to change and a stubborn unwillingness to adapt. It's important to recognize these negative patterns in order to promote personal growth and self-improvement.

How do ENFPs and ENFJs experience 9w8?

If you're an ENFP or an ENFJ with a 9w8 personality type, you probably prioritize maintaining balance and harmony in your relationships while also being outgoing and sociable. You're naturally empathetic, and your Enneagram 9 traits make you even more attuned to others' emotions. The 8-wing influence adds an assertive quality to your personality, making it easier for you to express your needs and desires confidently. All of these traits combined make you a supportive and adaptive friend or partner.

I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful. If you want to find your Enneagram Number without taking a long Enneagram Test, check out my free guide to find your type within minutes.

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